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Download Funda Images

The dutch real-estate site Funda has added code to prevent people from easily downloading the images from the website. A lot of people want to use the images with software like AutoDesk HomeStyler but can't access the images.

If you enter the Funda url below, I'll download the images for you and make them available in a .zip file.

New: For iOS gebruikers it's also possible to enter your e-mail address on the download page; you'll receive the images in your e-mail box (iOS does not ship with .zip support).

New: I created a Chrome web browser extension to help ease the process.


Recently completed

Address City  
Hertogin Johannasingel 8 Oss View
Schependomlaan 51 A Nijmegen View
Kolonel Wilsstraat 33 Ravenstein View
Landbouwlaan 137 Berghem View
Rijstveld 40 Den Bosch View
Lavendelweg 22 Vlijmen View
Hofvijver 132 Oss View
De Groote Rede 74 Rosmalen View
Statenlaan 521 Den Bosch View
Laarhof 26 Nistelrode View

Pending queue (showing 10 / 654)

Address City  
Calkoenstraat 3 Landsmeer View
Ernst Casimirlaan 47 Zeist View
Lichtenvoordseweg 40 Groenlo View
Bovenweg 60 Doornspijk View
Hummelhof 2 Nijeveen View
Watergeusstraat 45 A Rotterdam View
Geerdinkhof 651 Amsterdam View
Torenburg 5 Alkmaar View
Randweg 54 Hattem View
Ferro 2 Koop View

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