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Make the site ad-free

Make the website ad-free

Hi there!

I am glad you like my website and the servics it provides. To support the server costs, I have ads on the website (as you might have noticed).

This is not the most optimal way to deliver the experience to you, but it's one that works.

I am looking into alternative ways to pay for the site, and one of them is Patreon.

Via my Patreon page, you can sign up to support the site on a monthly basis.

For now, I've put up 2 goals:

  1. $125: conver server costs; if I hit this target, I'll remove the current AdSense ads in place.
  2. $5000: Replace my currenty salary and quit my job to focus on creating more fun projects and services for all of you.

There are various ways to help; from just a small donation, to 'sponsorship' levels (get mentioned on the site; have a link to your own site), but there are also a few other options

I've been developing .NET software since the beginning of the framework in 2001 and been doing so professionally for over a decade; this has given me a lot of insight into the language and general programming itself.

I have additional 'pledges' that offer access to my personally:

  1. $75: Add me on Hangouts/Skype and chat about developing software, information security or other tech.
  2. $125: 1 hour a month of 1:1 tutoring (.NET software or related); either remote or here in Maastricht on location (for on-site sessions, I recommend blocks of 4 hours)
  3. $300: All AdSense removed, only one banner: yours; at the top of all the pages.

I hope this experiment works out!

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